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The Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future – NHS Health Education England (free report and related resources)


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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care – AMA Journal of Ethics (free articles)


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A.I. Could Worsen Health Disparities – The New York Times (free)

“In a health system riddled with inequity, we risk making dangerous biases automated and invisible.”


Automated Triaging of Adult Chest Radiographs with Deep Artificial Neural Networks – Radiology (free for a limited period)

Commentary: AI interprets chest x-rays, prioritizes critical findings – Radiology Business (free)


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Questions for Artificial Intelligence in Health Care – JAMA (free for a limited period)

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First Human Patients Receive Remote PCI

13 Dec, 2018 | 17:58h | UTC

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers – The New Yorker (free)

“Digitization promises to make medical care easier and more efficient. But are screens coming between doctors and patients?”


Deep neural network improves fracture detection by clinicians – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (free)

“How to reduce emergency doctor misinterpretation of wrist X-rays for fracture by nearly 50%? Deep learning AI, of course” (via @EricTopol see Tweet)


The approach to predictive medicine that is taking genomics research by storm – Nature (free)

“Polygenic risk scores represent a giant leap for gene-based diagnostic tests. Here’s why they’re still so controversial.”


Report: The Future of Healthcare

5 Oct, 2018 | 02:39h | UTC

Would technology enabled remote consulting save time and add value in primary care? – The BMJ Opinion (free)

“Would remote consulting save time and add value in primary care? Rising multimorbidity makes the evaluation of potentially time saving technologies ever more necessary” (via @bmj_latest see Tweet)


Playing Doctor with Watson: Medical Applications Expose Current Limits of AI – Spiegel (free) (via @EricTopol)

“IBM has big plans for how its Watson artificial intelligence software could change the medical industry. But a number of hospitals have ended their experiments with the platform, arguing that it doesn’t help diagnose or treat diseases.”


3-D Color X-Rays in Development

20 Jul, 2018 | 02:05h | UTC

How Tech Can Turn Doctors Into Clerical Workers – The New York Times Magazine (10 articles per month are free)

“The threat that electronic health records and machine learning pose to physicians’ clinical judgment — and their well-being”.


How Tech Can Turn Doctors into Clerical Workers – The New York Times Magazine (10 articles per month are free)

“The threat that electronic health records and machine learning pose to physicians’ clinical judgment — and their well-being”.


Take This App and Call Me in the Morning – The New York Times (10 articles per month are free)

“A new category of prescription medical treatments, what executives call digital therapeutics, comes in the form of mobile apps”.


Editorial: AI diagnostics need attention

16 Mar, 2018 | 03:31h | UTC

Like It Or Not, Personal Health Technology Is Getting Smarter – NPR (free)

“Nice article about wearables related issues, such as medicalization of the healthy, privacy loss, low adherence, uncertain reliability of measurements and uncertain health benefits”. (via @RasoiniR see Tweet)


Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery versus conventional laparoscopic surgery in randomized controlled trials: A systematic review and meta-analysis – PLOS One (free)

“Despite higher operative cost, robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery does not result in statistically better treatment outcomes, with the exception of lower estimated blood loss. Operative time and total complication rate are significantly more favorable with conventional laparoscopic surgery”.


Deep Learning for Biology

27 Feb, 2018 | 17:11h | UTC

Deep learning for biology – Nature (free)

“A popular artificial-intelligence method provides a powerful tool for surveying and classifying biological data. But for the uninitiated, the technology poses significant difficulties”.


State of The Art Review: The role of robotics in colorectal surgery – The BMJ (free for a limited period)


A Revolution in Health Care is Coming

5 Feb, 2018 | 16:27h | UTC

A revolution in health care is coming – The Economist (a few articles per month are free) (via @equitylist)

“Welcome to Doctor You”


Let the Computer Figure it Out

4 Feb, 2018 | 17:01h | UTC

Let the computer figure it out – ACP Hospitalist (free)

“Researchers look at how machine learning could change hospital care”.


Why AI Will Not Replace Radiologists

26 Jan, 2018 | 00:03h | UTC

Deep learning sharpens views of cells and genes – Nature (free)

Neural networks are making biological images easier to process.


What Physicians Can do About Ransomware

16 Jan, 2018 | 17:04h | UTC

What physicians can do about ransomware – ACP Hospitalist (free)

“Protecting a practice doesn’t always require a large investment of money, just time and employee training”.


10 Future Healthcare Jobs To Watch

16 Jan, 2018 | 16:44h | UTC

Top 10 Tech Advances Shaping Medicine

16 Jan, 2018 | 13:01h | UTC

CRISPR-ing Humans in 2018

29 Dec, 2017 | 17:49h | UTC

Noninvasive Cardiac Radiation for Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: A ‘Game Changer’ for Patients With Irregular Heart Rhythm – The New York Times (10 articles per month are free)

“The use of stereotactic radiotherapy in five patients with refractory ventricular tachycardia (VT) showed a 99.9% reduction in VT burden”. (via @NEJM see Tweet with infographic)


Opinion: Get Ready For A Tsunami Of ECGs

26 Dec, 2017 | 23:10h | UTC

CheXNet: Radiologist-Level Pneumonia Detection on Chest X-Rays with Deep Learning – Stanford ML Group (free)

“We develop an algorithm that can detect pneumonia from chest X-rays at a level exceeding practicing radiologists”


The Growing Value of Digital Health: Evidence and Impact on Human Health and the Healthcare System – IQVIA Institute (free)

Commentary: Study Names Top Apps for Patients to Manage Illnesses – Medscape (free registration required)

“An impressive, in-depth report on digital health, shows how the field is taking hold” (RT @EricTopol see Tweet)


Is gene editing ethical?

23 Oct, 2017 | 20:45h | UTC

Association of Multiorgan Computed Tomographic Phenomap With Adverse Cardiovascular Health Outcomes: The Framingham Heart Study – JAMA Cardiology (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

“Machine learning identifies an “unfavorable” multi-organ phenotype associated with adverse health outcome”. (RT @JAMACardio see Tweet)