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Safety and efficacy of aspirin for primary prevention of cancer: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials – Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology (free)

“Our study did not find any significant reductions in cancer-related mortality or cancer incidence when compared aspirin use with placebo or no aspirin.”


Diagnosis of obstructive coronary artery disease using computed tomography angiography in patients with stable chest pain depending on clinical probability and in clinically important subgroups: meta-analysis of individual patient data – The BMJ (free)


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Meta-Research: A comprehensive review of randomized clinical trials in three medical journals reveals 396 medical reversals – eLife (free)


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Top 10 Medical Myths, Busted

11 Jun, 2019 | 03:31h | UTC

Top 10 medical myths, busted – ACP Internist (free)

“Ten medical myths persist despite all the evidence.”


Ann Robinson’s journal review, 5 June 2019 – The BMJ Opinion (free)

Ann Robinson reviews the latest research from the top medical journals.


Use of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters in Patients With Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease: A Prospective Cohort Study – Annals of Internal Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Peripherally inserted central catheters often used in CKD – HealthDay (free) AND Too Many CKD Patients Get Central Catheters Despite Warnings – Medscape (free registration required)


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Prevalence and Cost of Care Cascades After Low-Value Preoperative Electrocardiogram for Cataract Surgery in Fee-for-Service Medicare Beneficiaries – JAMA Internal Medicine (free for a limited period)

Commentary: Cascades Of Care – American Council on Science and Health (free)

Related: Evaluation of an Intervention to Reduce Low-Value Preoperative Care for Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery (link to abstract and commentary) AND Systematic Review: Routine Preoperative Medical Testing for Cataract Surgery (free)


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An Implementation Guide to Promote Sleep and Reduce Sedative-Hypnotic Initiation for Noncritically Ill Inpatients – JAMA Internal Medicine (free for a limited period)


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Association of Preterm Birth With Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease in Adulthood – JAMA Pediatrics (free for a limited period)

Editorial: Cardiovascular Risk in Adults Born Preterm: Time to Act (free for a limited period)

Commentary: Preemies and early arrivals have higher risk of heart disease as adults – Reuters (free)


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Diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic syndrome: review of acute decompensated diabetes in adult patients – The BMJ (free for a limited period)


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Tramadol for osteoarthritis – Cochrane Library (free)

Summary: Tramadol for osteoarthritis – Cochrane Library (free)

“tramadol alone or in combination with acetaminophen probably has no important benefit on mean pain or function in people with osteoarthritis, although slightly more people in the tramadol group report an important improvement”


Alex Nowbar’s journal reviews, 29 May 2019 – The BMJ Opinion (free)

Alex Nowbar reviews the latest research from the top medical journals.


Deprescribing in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease – Journal of the American College of Cardiology (free for a limited period)

Related: Position Statement: Reducing Inappropriate Medication Use & Polypharmacy (several articles and commentaries on the subject)


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Eosinophil-guided corticosteroid therapy in patients admitted to hospital with COPD exacerbation (CORTICO-COP): a multicentre, randomised, controlled, open-label, non-inferiority trial – The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: 2 Minute Medicine Rewind May 20, 2019 (4th Summary)

See also: Video Summary – Medwire News (free audio)


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Choosing Wisely Canada-Top Five List in Hepatology: Official Position Statement of the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) and Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) – Annals of Hepatology (free)

See complete lists of low-value practices: Choosing Wisely U.S. / Choosing Wisely UK / Choosing Wisely Australia AND Choosing Wisely Canada

1 – Don’t order serum ammonia to diagnose or manage hepatic encephalopathy (HE).

2 – Don’t routinely transfuse fresh frozen plasma, platelets or give Vitamin K to reverse abnormal tests of coagulation in patients with cirrhosis prior to abdominal paracentesis, endoscopic variceal band ligation, or any other minor invasive procedures.

3 – Don’t order HFE genotyping based on serum ferritin values alone to diagnose hereditary hemochromatosis.

4 – Don’t perform computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) routinely to monitor benign focal liver lesions (ex. focal nodal hyperplasia, hemangioma).

5 – Don’t repeat hepatitis C viral load testing in an individual who has established chronic infection, outside of antiviral treatment.

(Under a Creative Commons license)


Current Concepts in Acute Liver Failure

22 May, 2019 | 06:00h | UTC

Controlled Trial of Budesonide–Formoterol as Needed for Mild Asthma – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Treatment Changes for Mild Asthma? – NEJM Journal Watch (free)

Just Presented at the 2019 Meeting of the American Thoracic Society.


Management of Hepatitis C in 2019 – JAMA (free for a limited period)


Normal Body Temperature: A Systematic Review – Open Forum Infectious Diseases (free)

See also: Interest “Tweetorial” about the definition of a fever (thread)

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Chronic use of tramadol after acute pain episode: cohort study – The BMJ (free)

Commentaries: Risk of Prolonged Use With Tramadol vs Other Short Acting Opioids Examined – MPR (free) AND ‘There really is no safe opioid’: Study finds tramadol isn’t a less addictive painkiller – CBC (free)


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Alex Nowbar’s journal reviews, 14 May 2019 – The BMJ Opinion (free)

Alex Nowbar reviews the latest research from the top medical journals.


Estimated Quality of Life and Economic Outcomes Associated With 12 Cervical Cancer Screening Strategies: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis – JAMA Internal Medicine (free for a limited period)

Invited Commentary: Screening Options for Preventing Cervical Cancer (free for a limited period)

Author Interview: Estimated Quality of Life and Economic Outcomes Associated With Cervical Cancer Screening (free audio)

“Cytologic testing every 3 years and low-cost high-risk human papillomavirus testing every 5 years both may be considered reasonable cervical cancer screening options.”


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Diagnostic Performance of Creatinine-Based Equations for Estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate in Adults 65 Years and Older – JAMA Internal Medicine (free for a limited period)


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Review: Chronic Constipation

2 May, 2019 | 04:31h | UTC

Chronic Constipation – Mayo Clinic Proceedings (free)

Related: Indian Consensus on Chronic Constipation in Adults (free guidelines and reviews on the subject)


Review: Acute Management of Hyperkalemia

28 Apr, 2019 | 13:33h | UTC

Colorectal Cancer Screening – JAMA (free for a limited period)

Related: Colorectal Cancer Screening for Average‐risk Adults (guidelines from other organizations)


Review: Hepatorenal Syndrome

24 Apr, 2019 | 06:21h | UTC