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The flu vaccine is being oversold – it’s not that effective – The Conversation (free)

See Related Cochrane Systematic Reviews: Vaccines for Preventing Influenza and Its Complications (free)

“The infection rate in adults drops from 2% per year to 1%. You could say that’s halved, but it effectively only drops by 1%. So this means that out of every 100 healthy adults vaccinated, 99 get no benefit against laboratory confirmed influenza”.


Continuous low-dose antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent urinary tract infection in adults who perform clean intermittent self-catheterisation: the AnTIC RCT – Health Technology Assessment (free)

“The results of this large randomised trial, conducted in accordance with best practice, demonstrate clear benefit for antibiotic prophylaxis in terms of reducing the frequency of UTI for people carrying out CISC”.


Tracing Spread of Zika Virus in the Americas – NIH Director’s Blog (free)

Original Article: Genomic Epidemiology Reconstructs the Introduction and Spread of Zika Virus in Central America and Mexico – Cell Host & Microbe (free)


Rapid Recommendations: Atraumatic (pencil-point) versus conventional needles for lumbar puncture: a clinical practice guideline – The BMJ (free)

We issue a strong recommendation for use of atraumatic needles in all patients (adults and children) undergoing lumbar puncture because they decrease complications and are no less likely to work than conventional needles”


Low-dose corticosteroids for adult patients with septic shock: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis – Critical Care Medicine (free for a limited period)

Source: Critical Care Reviews Newsletter

“In adults with septic shock treated with low dose corticosteroids, short- and longer-term mortality are unaffected, adverse events increase, but duration of shock, mechanical ventilation and ICU stay are reduced”.


Managing epidemics: Key facts about major deadly diseases – World Health Organization (free)

“Managing epidemics. This @WHO manual provides concise, up-to-date knowledge on 15 infectious diseases that have the potential to become international threats, and tips on how to respond to each of them”. (via @Onisillos and @claireekt see Tweet)


NAP6 Report: Anaesthesia, Surgery and Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions: Report and findings of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ 6th National Audit Project (free PDF)

News Release: RCoA undertakes largest ever study of anaphylaxis in anaesthesia and surgery (free)

Infographic: Anaesthesia, Surgery and Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions (free PDF)

“The study found teicoplanin is 17-fold more likely to cause anaphylaxis than penicillin and similar drugs. As 90 per cent of patients who report penicillin allergy are in fact not allergic, better identification of true allergy would reduce risk”. (from News Release)


World Immunization Week, 24-30 April 2018: Twelve things you didn’t know about immunization – UNICEF (free)

source: Global Health NOW Newsletter


Seminar: Malaria

12 Apr,2018

Seminar: Malaria – The Lancet (free registration required)


Macrolide antibiotics for bronchiectasis – Cochrane Library (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Summary: Macrolide antibiotics for bronchiectasis – Cochrane Library (free)

“Long-term macrolide therapy may reduce the frequency of exacerbations and improve quality of life, although supporting evidence is derived mainly from studies of azithromycin, rather than other macrolides, and predominantly among adults rather than children. However, macrolides should be used with caution, as limited data indicate an associated increase in microbial resistance”.


#WorldTBDay (March 24, 2018) – The World Health Organization standards for tuberculosis care and management – European Respiratory Journal (free)

Original Guideline: Compendium of WHO guidelines and associated standards: ensuring optimum delivery of the cascade of care for patients with tuberculosis (free PDF)

“My dream of placing all recent and still valid older WHO TB guidelines into a short compendium, to facilitate life of users, is now accomplished. With this booklet, one can access immediately all WHO standards of TB care”. (via @M_Raviglione see Tweet)


#WorldTBDay (March 24, 2018) – World TB Day, 24 March 2018 – World Health Organization (free resources)

See also: WHO key publications on tuberculosis


When antibiotics turn toxic – Nature News (free)

“Commonly prescribed drugs called fluoroquinolones cause rare, disabling side effects. Researchers are struggling to work out why”.


Efficacy of a single-dose regimen of inactivated whole-cell oral cholera vaccine: results from 2 years of follow-up of a randomised trial – The Lancet Infectious Diseases (free)

Invited commentary: Cholera control: one dose at a time (free)

“Our results indicate that when such emergencies occur in populations with endemic cholera, the challenges of successfully completing a two-dose regimen should not deter deployment of OCV, because older children and adults will be protected for at least 2 years by a single dose”. (via @Onisillos see Tweet)


New Guide to Infection Control in The Hospital – International Society for Infectious Diseases (free)

A free, online resource on the principles and interventions needed to reduce healthcare associated infections, with suggested control measures across different resource levels.


The global crackdown on parents who refuse vaccines for their kids has begun – VOX (free)

“Countries like Italy and Australia are tired of measles outbreaks — so they’re moving to fine anti-vaccine parents”.


Opinion: Stories about tragic flu deaths wrongly portray Tamiflu as a panacea – HealthNewsReview (free)

Related: Tamiflu and Relenza: getting the full evidence picture – Cochrane Library (free)

“The review confirms small benefits on symptom relief, namely shortening duration of symptoms by half a day on average. However, there is little evidence to support any belief that use of NIs reduces hospital admission or the risk of developing confirmed pneumonia”. (from Cochrane)


Incidence, Etiology, and Outcomes of Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Population-Based Study – Open Forum Infectious Diseases (free)

“Aside from the rare extra-pulmonary manifestations of mycoplasma (e.g., rashes, hemolysis, neurologic complications), do any of the many causes of pneumonia have distinctive clinical presentations? Probably not”. (via @PaulSaxMD see Tweet)


New Cochrane Systematic Reviews – Vaccines for Preventing Influenza and Its Complications

In Healthy Children (free) / Summary (free)

In The Elderly (free) / Summary (free)

In Immunosuppressed Adults With Cancer (free) / Summary (free)

In Healthy Adults (free) / Summary (free)


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