Gastrointestinal Surgery

Pouch Versus No Pouch Following Total Gastrectomy: Meta-analysis of Randomized and Non-randomized Studies – Annals of Surgery (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Pouch Creation a Winner After Total Gastrectomy – MedPage Today (free registration required)


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Restrictive strategy versus usual care for cholecystectomy in patients with gallstones and abdominal pain (SECURE): a multicentre, randomised, parallel-arm, non-inferiority trial – The Lancet (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Applying Strict Criteria for Gallbladder Removal Doesn’t Improve Pain – NEJM Journal Watch (free)


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Colorectal Cancer Screening – JAMA (free for a limited period)

Related: Colorectal Cancer Screening for Average‐risk Adults (guidelines from other organizations)


Ilececum: A Comprehensive Review

20 Apr, 2019 | 13:34h | UTC

Current Topics in Liver Surgery

1 Apr, 2019 | 11:32h | UTC

Management of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding – The BMJ (free for a limited period)


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Randomized trial of oral versus enteral feeding for patients with postoperative pancreatic fistula after pancreatoduodenectomy – BJS (free)

Source: EvidenceAlerts


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Evaluation of the Collaborative Use of an Evidence-Based Care Bundle in Emergency Laparotomy – JAMA Surgery (free)


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When Is the Surgeon Too Old to Operate? – The New York Times (free)

Related: Perspective: Assessing the Performance of Aging Surgeons (free for a limited period) AND Observational Study: Age and Sex of Surgeons and Mortality of Older Surgical Patients (free study and commentary) AND The Elderly and Driving: When Is It Time to Hit the Brakes? – The New York Times (10 articles per month are free)


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Review: Hepatic Echinococcosis

20 Nov, 2018 | 15:11h | UTC

Early enteral nutrition within 24 hours of lower gastrointestinal surgery versus later commencement for length of hospital stay and postoperative complications – Cochrane Library (free)

Summary: The effect of having nutrition within the first 24 hours after bowel surgery on length of hospital stay and postoperative complications – Cochrane Library (free)

This review suggests that early enteral feeding is associated with a shorter length of hospital stay. For all other outcomes (postoperative complications, mortality, adverse events, and QoL) the findings are inconclusive.


Pantoprazole in Patients at Risk for Gastrointestinal Bleeding in the ICU – New England Journal of Medicine (free for a limited period)

Editorial: Proton-Pump Inhibitor Prophylaxis in the ICU — Benefits Worth the Risks? (free for a limited period)

“Proton pump inhibitors are minimally effective to reduce GI bleeding among the critically ill folks at high risk for stress ulcers. Takeaways: no role for routine PPI for any patients on the WARDS, and shouldn’t be considered ‘routine’ in the ICU” (via @AnilMakam see Tweet)


Association of Mechanical Bowel Preparation and Oral Antibiotics Before Elective Colorectal Surgery With Surgical Site Infection: A Network Meta-analysis – JAMA Network Open (free)

Invited Commentary: When Will the Surgical Community Acknowledge the Evidence Regarding Prophylaxis With Oral Antibiotics for Scheduled Colorectal Operations? (free)

“Bowel Preparation and Oral Antibiotics Before Elective Colorectal Surgery. Once again the combination of oral antibiotic and oral mechanical cathartic bowel preparation yields the lowest rates of surgical site infections” (via @SWexner see Tweet)


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy versus percutaneous catheter drainage for acute cholecystitis in high risk patients (CHOCOLATE): multicentre randomised clinical trial – The BMJ (free)

“Laparoscopic cholecystectomy compared with percutaneous catheter drainage reduced the rate of major complications in high risk patients with acute cholecystitis.”


NICE Guideline: Pancreatitis

14 Sep, 2018 | 01:30h | UTC

Guideline: Intestinal Failure in Adults

31 Aug, 2018 | 01:41h | UTC