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Meta-analysis: Probiotics for the Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea in Outpatients


Probiotics for the Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea in Outpatients—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Antibiotics (free)

Antibiotic-associated diarrhea ocurred in 8.0% of the probiotic group compared to 17.7% in the control group. The number needed to treat (NNT) to prevent one case of diarrhea was 11 (95% CI 6 to 13).


Fri, October 20 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Levels & Trends in Child Mortality – UNICEF (free PDF)

News release: Levels and Trends in Child Mortality (free)

Commentaries: 7,000 newborns die every day, despite steady decrease in under-five mortality, new report says – The World Bank (free) AND New child mortality estimates show that 15,000 children died every day in 2016 – The World Bank (free) AND Unconscionable': 7,000 babies die daily despite record low for child mortality – The Guardian (free)


2 – Report: The Lancet Commission on pollution and health (Report, Executive Summary, Video, Audio and Comments – free registration required)

Commentaries: Report: Pollution Kills 3 Times More than AIDS, TB And Malaria Combined – NPR (free) AND Pollution linked to one in six deaths – BBC (free)


3 – 2017 Infectious Diseases Society of America Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Infectious Diarrhea (free)

Commentary: New diarrhea guidelines stress implications of molecular tests – CIDRAP (free)


4 – Right heart dysfunction and failure in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: mechanisms and management. Position statement on behalf of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology (free)


5 – Elevated blood pressure and risk of mitral regurgitation: A longitudinal cohort study of 5.5 million United Kingdom adults – PLOS Medicine (free)

Commentaries: High Blood Pressure Is a Risk Factor For Mitral Regurgitation – Medical Research (free) AND High Blood Pressure May Raise Mitral Regurgitation Risk – TCTMD (free) AND Inevitable or preventable? High blood pressure linked to mitral regurgitation – Cardiovascular Business (free)


6 – High-flow oxygen via nasal cannulae in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis – Systematic Reviews (free)

“In patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure HFNC was not associated with a difference in mortality compared to Noninvasive ventilation or standard oxygen”


7 – Imaging Studies Offer New Insights Into Inflammation In CV Disease – Cardiobrief (free)

Original article: Colchicine Therapy and Plaque Stabilization in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome – Journal of The American College of Cardiology (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

“Preliminary evidence that colchicine may reduce coronary plaque”.


8 – Evidence-based guidelines for supportive care of patients with Ebola virus disease – The Lancet (free)

Commentaries: New Ebola guidelines address immediate supportive care – CIDRAP (free)


9 – Update: Interim Guidance for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Management of Infants with Possible Congenital Zika Virus Infection – MMWR / CDC (free)

Commentaries: CDC Offers New Guidance on Diagnosing and Managing Zika in Infants – Physician’s First Watch (free)


10 – A Highly Pathogenic Avian H7N9 Influenza Virus Isolated from A Human Is Lethal in Some Ferrets Infected via Respiratory Droplets – Cell Host Microbe (free)

Commentaries: H7N9 study finds virus poised to become more lethal, resistant to treatment – CIDRAP (free) AND H7N9 influenza is both lethal and transmissible in animal model for flu – University of Wisconsin–Madison (free) AND Will the World’s Most Worrying Flu Virus Go Pandemic? – The Atlantic (free)


Thu, October 19 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – 2017 ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway on the Management of Mitral Regurgitation – Journal of The American College of Cardiology (free)

Commentaries: Expert Consensus Decision Pathway for Management of Mitral Regurgitation – American College of Cardiology, Latest in Cardiology (free) AND ACC Recommends ‘Structured Approach’ to Mitral Regurgitation – MedPage Today (free registration required)


2 – Update to Practice Standards for Electrocardiographic Monitoring in Hospital Settings: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association – Circulation (free PDF)

Commentaries: 12 key points to remember: Standards for Inpatient Electrocardiographic Monitoring – American College of Cardiology, Latest in Cardiology (free) AND AHA updates practice standards for electrocardiographic monitoring – ACP Hospitalist (free)


3 – Dark chocolate is now a health food. Here’s how that happened – VOX (free)

Related: Chocolate health: advice by Thomas Lüscher and peer review by Jonas Malmstedt – For Better Science (by @schneiderleonid)

“Big Chocolate’s investment in health science was a marketing masterstroke…” Interesting tale by @juliaoftoronto (RT @hildabast see Tweet)


4 – Long-term antibiotics likely to reduce risk of recurrent cellulitis – NIHR Signal (free)

Original article: Interventions for the prevention of recurrent erysipelas and cellulitis – Cochrane Library (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


5 – Comparing the Outcomes of Adults With Enterobacteriaceae Bacteremia Receiving Short-Course Versus Prolonged-Course Antibiotic Therapy in a Multicenter, Propensity Score–Matched Cohort – Clinical Infectious Diseases (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Short course of antibiotics worked as well as long for Enterobacteriaceae bacteremia – ACP Hospitalist (free)


6 – Report: Opportunities for Organ Donor Intervention Research: Saving Lives by Improving the Quality and Quantity of Organs for Transplantation (2017) – National Academies Press (free PDF)

Related Viewpoint: Organ Donor Research: Overcoming Challenges, Increasing Opportunities – JAMA (free)


7 – Short and Long Term Complications of In Utero Exposure to Lamotrigine – British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (free PDF)

News release: Study Finds Epilepsy Drug to Be Safe During Pregnancy – Wiley (free)

Source: Study finds lamotrigine to be safe during pregnancy – The BMJ Research News ($)


8 – Richard Lehman’s journal review, 17 October 2017 – The BMJ Opinion (free)

Richard Lehman reviews the latest research in the top medical journals.


9 – Association of Patient Frailty With Increased Morbidity After Common Ambulatory General Surgery Operations – JAMA Surgery (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Frailty Associated With Increased Risk of Complications Following Common, Outpatient Operations – The JAMA Network (free) AND Frailty tied to higher risk of complications with common surgeries – Reuters (free) AND Frailty linked to higher rate of perioperative morbidity – OnMedica (free)


10 – 25-Year Physical Activity Trajectories and Development of Subclinical Coronary Artery Disease as Measured by Coronary Artery Calcium – Mayo Clinic Proceedings (free)

Commentaries: Excessive Exercise May Harm The Heart, Study Suggests – Forbes (free) AND Physically active white men at high risk for plaque buildup in arteries – ScienceDaily (free)


Wed, October 18 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Guideline: 2017 Appropriate Use Criteria for the Treatment of Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis (free)

Commentaries: 2017 AUC for Management of Severe Aortic Stenosis – American College of Cardiology, Latest in Cardiology (free) AND First Appropriate Use Criteria Issued for Severe Aortic Stenosis – Medpage Today (free registration required)


2 – Association of Blood Transfusion From Female Donors With and Without a History of Pregnancy With Mortality Among Male and Female Transfusion Recipients – JAMA (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Blood Boundaries: Should Transfusions Be Matched by Sex? – Scientific American (free) AND Are transfusions harmful to men if the blood comes from women who have been pregnant? – STAT (free) AND Receipt of Blood Transfusion From Previously Pregnant Donor Associated with Increased Risk of Death Among Male Recipients – The JAMA Network (free)


3 – Probiotics for the Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea in Outpatients—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Antibiotics (free)

Antibiotic-associated diarrhea ocurred in 8.0% of the probiotic group compared to 17.7% in the control group. The number needed to treat (NNT) to prevent one case of diarrhea was 11 (95% CI 6 to 13).


4 – Approach to recurrent fever in childhood – Canadian medical Association Journal (free)


5 – Comparative safety of direct oral anticoagulants and warfarin in venous thromboembolism: multicentre, population based, observational study – The BMJ (free)

Commentary: New Anticoagulants Not Linked To Excess Bleeding Rates – Cardiobrief (free)


6 – How Low to Go With Glucose, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure in Primary Prevention of CVD – Journal of The American College of Cardiology (free)

Summary with 12 key points to remember: Glucose, Cholesterol, BP Targets for CVD Risk Factors – American College of Cardiology, Latest in Cardiology (free)


7 – Omega-6 fatty acid biomarkers and incident type 2 diabetes: pooled analysis of individual-level data for 39 740 adults from 20 prospective cohort studies – The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Omega-6 fats may help prevent type 2 diabetes – George Institute for Global Health (free) AND Eating More Nuts Could Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes – Medscape (free registration required) AND Omega-6 could lower type 2 diabetes risk by 35 percent – Medical News Today (free)


8 – The oncologic burden of hepatitis C virus infection: A clinical perspective – CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians (free)


9 – Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2017 – 2018 – American Academy of Pediatrics (free)

Commentary: 2017-2018 recommendations for pediatric influenza vaccination – Clinical Advisor (free) AND Fall Weather Headed Your Way? Time For Flu Shots – NPR (free)


10 – Individual support of nurses using electronic medicine monitors can improve HIV treatment – NIHR Signal (free)

Original article: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a nurse-delivered intervention to improve adherence to treatment for HIV: a pragmatic, multicentre, open-label, randomised clinical trial – The Lancet Infectious Diseases (free)


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