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Mon, October 30 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Book: Injury Prevention and Environmental Health – Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition (free)

Press Release: Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition Launches Volume on Injury Prevention & Environmental Health (free)

Previous volumes: 1 – Essential Surgery / 2 – Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health / 3 – Cancer / 4 – Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders


2 – NICE Guideline: Sinusitis (acute): antimicrobial prescribing (free)

News release: Antibiotics should not be used to treat the majority of sinus infections, NICE says (free)


3 – NICE Guideline: Cystic fibrosis: diagnosis and management (free)

News release: People with cystic fibrosis could be monitored through phone or video messaging, says NICE (free)


4 – NICE Guideline: Cataracts in adults: management (free)

News release: Take a patient-centred approach to treating cataracts, says NICE (free)


5 – KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Evaluation and Care of Living Kidney Donors – Transplantation (free)

See also: Summary of KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Evaluation and Care of Living Kidney Donors (free)

News release: KDIGO Guidelines on Living Kidney Donors: A Call for A Paradigm Shift (free)


6 – Influence of pharmaceutical marketing on Medicare prescriptions in the District of Columbia – PLOS One (free)

Commentaries: The More Lavish the Gifts to Doctors, the Costlier the Drugs They Prescribe – The New York Times (10 articles per month are free) AND Study finds even small gifts from pharma companies change prescribing habits – FierceHealthcare (free) AND Pharma gifts to providers result in more branded, expensive prescriptions – Georgetown University Medical Center, via EurekAlert (free)


7 – Why we need better evidence – Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford (free)

“20 fundamental problems with the production of evidence” (RT @CochraneUK see Tweet)


8 – Viewpoint: The Evolution of Patient Diagnosis: From Art to Digital Data-Driven Science – JAMA (free)


9 – Review: Acute Management of Pulmonary Embolism – American College of Cardiology, Latest in Cardiology (free)


10 – Daytime variation of perioperative myocardial injury in cardiac surgery and its prevention by Rev-Erbα antagonism: a single-centre propensity-matched cohort study and a randomised study – The Lancet (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Why Heart Surgery May be Better in the Afternoon – Scientific American (free) AND Afternoon heart surgery has lower risk of complications, study suggests – The Guardian (free) AND Aortic Valve Replacement: Afternoon Surgery Linked to Fewer Adverse Events – Physician’s First Watch (free)


Fri, October 27 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Screening for Lung Cancer: CHEST Guideline and Expert Panel Report – American College of Chest Physicians (free)

News release: American College of Chest Physicians unveils new lung cancer screening guidelines at CHEST 2017 (free)


2 – Guideline: Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused – World Health Organization (free)

News release: Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused (free)


3 – Payments by US pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to US medical journal editors: retrospective observational study – The BMJ (free)

“Industry payments to journal editors are common and often large, particularly for certain subspecialties. Journals should consider the potential impact of such payments on public trust in published research”.


4 – Pregnancy, thrombophilia, and the risk of a first venous thrombosis: systematic review and bayesian meta-analysis – The BMJ (free)

“Women with antithrombin, protein C, or protein S deficiency or with homozygous factor V Leiden should be considered for antepartum or postpartum thrombosis prophylaxis, or both”.


5 – Regular antibiotics for preventing pneumococcal infection in young children with sickle cell disease – Cochrane Library (free)

Original article: Prophylactic antibiotics for preventing pneumococcal infection in children with sickle cell disease – Cochrane Library (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Source: EvidenceAlerts


6 – World leaders rehearse for a pandemic that will come ‘sooner than we expect’ – The Washington Post (free)


7 – Perspective: HIV Drug Resistance: An Emerging Threat to Epidemic Control – New England Journal of Medicine (free)


8 – Terbinafine is probably first choice oral drug for fungal toenail infection – NIHR Signal (free)

Original article: Oral antifungal medication for toenail onychomycosis – Cochrane Library (free)


9 – Clinical guidelines for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis: summary statements and recommendations from the Italian Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology – Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (free)


10 – Austrian consensus guidelines on the management and treatment of portal hypertension (Billroth III) – Wiener klinische Wochenschrift (free)


Thu, October 26 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Modifiers of the effect of maternal multiple micronutrient supplementation on stillbirth, birth outcomes, and infant mortality: a meta-analysis of individual patient data from 17 randomised trials in low-income and middle-income countries – The Lancet Global Health (free)

Commentaries: Antenatal multiple micronutrient supplementation: benefits beyond iron-folic acid alone – The Lancet Global Health (free) AND Multiple micronutrient supplements to mothers improve survival for newborn girls – Harvard School of Public health (free)

Related systematic review: Multiple-micronutrient supplementation for women during pregnancy – Cochrane Library (free summary)


2 – Less dementia with oral anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation – European Heart Journal (free)

Commentaries: Blood-thinning drugs appear to protect against dementia in AF patients – OnMedica (free) AND Blood-thinning drugs ‘can reduce risk of dementia by up to 48%’ – The Guardian (free) AND Oral Anticoagulants Tied to Less Dementia in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation – Physician’s First Watch (free)


3 – Surgery for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy in Children – New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: First test of anti-epilepsy surgeries in children shows dramatic benefit – Reuters (free) AND Surgery Cuts Seizures in Drug-Resistant Epilepsy – MedPage Today (free registration required)


4 – Guideline: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: Implants and Intrauterine Devices – American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (free)

News release: LARC and Reproductive Choice (free)

Commentary: New Guidelines on LARC Released by ACOG – Medscape (free registration required)


5 – Review: The Practice and Implications of Finding Fluid During Point-of-Care Ultrasonography – JAMA Internal Medicine (free)

Related JAMA Video: Finding Fluid With Point-of-Care Ultrasonography (free)


6 – Depression and mortality in a longitudinal study: 1952–2011 – Canadian Medical Association Journal (free)

Commentaries: Depression strongly linked to higher long-term risk of early death for both women, men – ScienceDaily (free) AND Depression raises risk of early death – Medical News Today (free) AND Depression tied to shorter lifespan – Reuters (free)


7 – Is It Possible to Predict the Next Pandemic? – The Atlantic (free)

“Large initiatives are underway to pinpoint the next big viral threats—but some virologists believe the task is too hard”.


8 – Prognostic Effect and Longitudinal Hemodynamic Assessment of Borderline Pulmonary Hypertension – JAMA Internal Medicine (free)

Commentary: Borderline Pulmonary Hypertension Tied to Mortality Risk – MedPage Today (free registration required)


9 – Here’s Why Vaccines Are So Crucial – National Geographic Magazine (free) (via @filiamd)


10 – Aerosol delivery during invasive mechanical ventilation: a systematic review – Critical Care (free)


Wed, October 25 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Statin use and risk of developing diabetes: results from the Diabetes Prevention Program – BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care (free)

Commentaries: Statins increase the risk of developing diabetes in at-risk people – Medical News Today (free) AND Statin use link to heightened type 2 diabetes risk in some people – OnMedica (free)


2 – Synopsis of the 2017 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/U.S. Department of Defense Clinical Practice Guideline: Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – Annals of Internal Medicine (free)

Related 2017 Guidelines: Type 2 diabetes in adults: management – NICE Guideline (free) AND Pharmacologic Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes: Synopsis of the 2017 American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes (free) AND Oral Pharmacologic Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Clinical Practice Guideline Update From the American College of Physicians (free)


3 – Global prevalence of injecting drug use and sociodemographic characteristics and prevalence of HIV, HBV, and HCV in people who inject drugs: a multistage systematic review – The Lancet Global Health (free)

Related article: Global, regional, and country-level coverage of interventions to prevent and manage HIV and hepatitis C among people who inject drugs: a systematic review – The Lancet Global Health (free)

Commentary: New research highlights worldwide risk of HIV, Hepatitis C epidemics – University of New South Wales, via ScienceDaily (free)


4 – Effect of Robotic-Assisted vs Conventional Laparoscopic Surgery on Risk of Conversion to Open Laparotomy Among Patients Undergoing Resection for Rectal Cancer: The ROLARR Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Related Study: Association of Robotic-Assisted vs Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy With Perioperative Outcomes and Health Care Costs, 2003 to 2015 – JAMA (free)

Commentaries: Comparison of Outcomes for Robotic-Assisted vs Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures – The JAMA Network (free) AND Robotic docs can boost surgery time and cost – Science News (free) AND Robot-assisted surgery for kidney removal associated with longer operating times, higher cost – Stanford Medicine (free) AND Robotic-assisted surgery: more expensive, but not always more effective – Reuters (free)


5 – Psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression: fMRI-measured brain mechanisms – Scientific Reports (free)

Recommended Commentary: Magic mushrooms: Some reporters buy magical notion of ‘reset’ button for depression – Health News Review (free)

Other Commentaries: Magic mushrooms ‘reboot’ brain in depressed people – study – The Guardian (free) AND Magic mushrooms can ‘reset’ depressed brain – BBC News (free)


6 – Cardiovascular Health in African Americans: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association – Circulation (free PDF)

News releases: African Americans live shorter lives due to heart disease and stroke – AHA / ASA Newsroom (free) AND New report raises concerns about the cardiovascular health of African-Americans – AHA News (free)

Commentaries: Blacks Face Higher Mortality from Heart Disease, Stroke – Cardiobrief (free) AND Heart health disparities take toll on African-Americans – Reuters (free)


7 – A baby with a disease gene or no baby at all: Genetic testing of embryos creates an ethical morass – STAT (free)


8 – Richard Lehman’s journal review, 23 October 2017 – The BMJ Opinion (free)

Richard Lehman’s weekly review of medical journals.


9 – Protection of the house against Chagas disease, dengue, leishmaniasis, and lymphatic filariasis: a systematic review – The Lancet Infectious Diseases (free registration required)


10 – Head position after acute stroke does not affect disability outcomes – NIHR Signal (free)

Original article: Cluster-Randomized, Crossover Trial of Head Positioning in Acute Stroke – The New England Journal of Medicine (link to abstract – $ for full-text)


Tue, October 24 – 10 Stories of The Day!



1 – Guideline: Hepatitis B (chronic): diagnosis and management – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (free)


2 – British Thoracic Society guidelines for the management of non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease (NTM-PD) – Thorax (free)


3 – A toolkit for reducing repetitive routine blood draws in hospitals – Choosing Wisely Canada (free PDF)

News release: Toolkit: Pause the Draws (free)


4 – Policy Statement: Infection Prevention and Control in Pediatric Ambulatory Settings – American Academy of Pediatrics (free)

News release: Updated policy offers guidance on infection prevention, control in ambulatory settings (free)

Commentaries: Pediatrician’s New Germ-Control Advice: Bring Your Own Toys (10 articles per month are free) AND AAP: Hygiene, isolation protocols critical for infection control in pediatric office – Healio (free registration required)


5 – Clinical Report: Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Services in the Pediatric Setting – American Academy of Pediatrics (free)

News release: Pediatricians have key role in providing sexual, reproductive health care services (free)


6 – Incidence, Demographics, and Clinical Characteristics of Diabetes of the Exocrine Pancreas (Type 3c): A Retrospective Cohort Study – Diabetes Care (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentary: Newly-identified third type of diabetes is being wrongly diagnosed as type 2 – The Conversation (free)

“Diabetes of the exocrine pancreas is frequently labeled type 2 diabetes but has worse glycemic control and a markedly greater requirement for insulin”.


7 – Concussion in adolescence and risk of multiple sclerosis – Annals of Neurology (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Concussions in Teenagers Tied to Multiple Sclerosis Risk – The New York Times (10 articles per month are free) AND Teenage concussion linked to later risk of MS – Medical News Today (free)


8 – Multidisciplinary consensus on screening for, diagnosis and management of fetal growth restriction in the Netherlands – BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (free)


9 – Clinical Management of Insomnia Disorder – JAMA (free)

“Cognitive Behavior Therapy for insomnia is recommended as 1st-line Tx; pharmacotherapy, if used, should be on a short-term basis” (RT @JAMAInternalMed see Tweet)


10 – Review: The challenge of Takotsubo syndrome: heterogeneity of clinical features – Swiss Medical Weekly (free)


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