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Thu, October 12 – 10 Stories of The Day!

12 Oct,2017


1 – The British Society for Rheumatology guideline for the management of systemic lupus erythematosus in adults (free)

See also: Executive Summary (free)


2 – Diagnosis and Management of Noncardiac Complications in Adults With Congenital Heart Disease: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association (free)

News release: Looking beyond the heart in adults with congenital heart disease (free)

Commentary: Think Outside the Heart: Noncardiac Complications and Considerations in the Adult Congenital Patient (free)

Top Ten Things to Know: Diagnosis and Management of Noncardiac Complications in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease (free PDF)


3 – Social Determinants of Health 101 for Health Care: Five Plus Five – National Academy of Medicine (free)

See also: About social determinants of health – World Health Organization (free) AND WHO’s work on SDoH (free resources)


4 – Relative age within the school year and diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a nationwide population-based study – The Lancet Psychiatry (free)

Commentaries: The role of schools in the diagnosis of ADHD – The Lancet Psychiatry (free) AND ‘Relative’ school age biases ADHD diagnosis – OnMedica (free) AND Youngest children in school year ‘more likely’ to get ADHD diagnosis – NHS Choices (free)


5 – Association Between Biomarkers of Ovarian Reserve and Infertility Among Older Women of Reproductive Age – JAMA (free)

Commentaries: Ovarian reserve tests aren’t a good predictor of fertility, study finds – STAT (free) AND Tests Thought To Predict Future Fertility May Be Overused – Forbes (free) AND Fertility MOT tests ‘a waste of money’ – BBC News (free) AND Biomarkers Indicating Diminished Reserve of Eggs not Associated with Reduced Fertility – The JAMA Network (free)


6 – Meet the nocebo effect, the placebo effect’s evil twin that makes you feel pain – VOX (free)


7 – Comparison of postoperative outcomes among patients treated by male and female surgeons: a population based matched cohort study – The BMJ (free)

Editorial: Improving patient outcomes after surgery (free)

Commentaries: Female Surgeons Hold Slight Edge Over Male Peers in Terms of Patients’ 30-Day Mortality – TCTMD (free) AND Do Patients Have Better Survival with Female Surgeons? – MedPage Today (free registration required)


8 – Is child vaccination boosted by educating mothers? – BBC News (free)


9 – Contribution of dietary intake to relapse rate in early paediatric multiple sclerosis – Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry article (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Fatty diets may boost relapse risk in MS children – OnMedica (free) AND High Fat Intake Linked to Risk for MS Relapse in Kids – Physician’s First Watch (free)


10 – Association of Insulin Pump Therapy vs Insulin Injection Therapy With Severe Hypoglycemia, Ketoacidosis, and Glycemic Control Among Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes – JAMA (link to abstract – $ for full-text)

Commentaries: Insulin Pumps Associated With Lower Risk of Serious Complications among Young Patients with Type 1 Diabetes – The JAMA Network (free) AND Insulin-Pump Use Benefits Young People With Type 1 Diabetes – Medscape (free registration required) AND Can insulin pumps work better than injections for kids with diabetes? – Reuters (free)


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